Saturday, February 27, 2010

Making the final push to Vegan.

Starting March 1st I am doing a 21 Day Vegan Kickstart. I have heading towards vegan for quite a red meat, then no seafood, then no chicken. But I have been really struggling with dairy. I mean "I LOVE CHEESE". What's a burrito without cheese? I discovered (or rather re-discovered) that it can be amazing.
Many years ago my mother changed her spiritual path and part of that change was going vegan. Let me put this into perspective; this was 1970 something....tofu was not available in every grocery store in town. Skipping a fast food meal was akin to not watching television while eating dinner and cable television was a gleam in some TV executives eye. It sucked! I was the only kid at my school that ate rice cakes with almond butter for lunch EVERYDAY. I jumped at every chance I could get to visit my grandfather. My grandfather was from Georgia and fried everything in lard and covered it with gravy. Ahhh lard ohhhhhh gravy.
At any rate here I am many years later and hopefully a bit wiser. I'm heading right back where my mom pointed me years ago (sorry for not listening sooner mom). Giving up meat was not a biggie for me although I have had my share of relapses. I made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas without starving ,though I did get a few looks from concerned family and friends.
Now, I don't make resolutions (I can never keep them anyway) but this year I did decide to take better care of myself physically and emotionally. To that end I have decided to chronicle my 21 vegan adventure as a way of keeping myself motivated (I like to read my own writing). So if you are out there and need something to read for a moment or two for the next 21 days....

By the way if you would like to give it a try here's the website that pushed me .

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